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Modern Love


Divine Worth-Ship is founded on the notion of Love and what we CHOOSE to give WORTH to. With this, WE build the strength to rebuild our exterior through internal transformation. Through this transformation, the internal pain, hurt, guilt, shame and difficult feelings that affect your exterior will begin to bring feelings of Hope, Love, Peace and Joy towards a more purpose filled and prosperous future. We will travel together on this road of transformation.
Divine Worth-Ship Counseling helps you assess and prioritize what you give value to. In other words, what are you worshiping that leaves you stuck in an never ending cycle of brokenness? Divine Worth-Ship Counseling will help you expose your patterns and challenge you to reestablish new patterns to accompany the new you. We understand that relapse is part of the process. Through patience, love, empathy, understanding and hope. We are ready to help use your remorse to motivate your will to change. This is done through the lens of the  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Founder Cindy C.


At Divine Worth-Ship Counseling, it is our mission to help assist and guide you in not only believing in the power of love but also to guide you in the external transformation that will occur due to the internal foundation of love. Through this journey, you will not only challenge your destructive narrative but you will construct a more healthy and wholesome narrative. Love exists and you will find the love that you deserve. The first place you will learn to find love is FIRST within. From there we can learn to love another. 

Now Lets Start This Journey!!!

"In my experience, I have found the scapegoat to be described as the person that is challenging the families state of homeostasis at that time. The thing about balance in families is that once it has been reached, the family will resist change until the symptoms present again."

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