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Founder & CEO

Cindy Charles

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

My name is Cindy Charles and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am honored to provide Individual, Couples and Family Therapy. I believe that our experiences shape how we understand and respond to the world and our relationships.  How we choose to respond can help us move forward or it can cause us to generate and continuously reproduce cycles of brokenness. My experience ranges from providing outpatient services to Individuals, families and couples; Family Based services; Residential Reunification treatment to providing Brief Solution Focused Consultations through EAP services.

While supporting individuals, couples and families, I found the value of healing and self-worth. Through the process of therapy, the cycle of brokenness will not only be repaired but also restored. Picture living with someone without a clear sense of their experiential view of the world. The best way to understand the system is to understand the functioning of the system and how it functions (individually and collectively.) The process of therapy is not only a moment of reflection of others influence on you but also your influence on others. External transformation can only begin with an internal shift and that shift can start with you.

Whether I am working in individual, couples, or with families; your internal assessment is only as strong as your external influence. I believe that the more you build your inner strength your exterior naturally transforms. Through this transformation, the internal feelings of pain, hurt, guilt, shame etc. that affects your exterior will begin to bring feelings of Hope, Love, Peace and Joy towards a more purpose filled and prosperous future. We will travel together on this road of transformation. This journey will help you expose your patterns and challenge you to reestablish new patterns to accompany the new you. Through patience, empathy, understanding and hope, we are ready to motivate your will to change.

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Elizabeth Barnett-Miller, MA

Professional Counselor

My name is Elizabeth Barnett Miller and I am a Professional Counselor. Are you starting college? Graduating? Finding a new job? Having difficulty managing the idea of an upcoming transition? Life can be tough sometimes. But we can try to make it more manageable with a little kindness and maybe a differing perspective. Together, let's find confidence and resolve as we move through life's difficult transitions and pitfalls and come out on the other side ready for the next challenge. MA in Clinical Counseling with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis, Eastern University, 2018. Life-Long learner.

I love working with the adolescent through early adulthood population (12-24). I also take great joy in working with the Geriatric population. I have experience in Crisis and Conflict Intervention and have worked closely with individuals and their families coping with the changes accompanied with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

I have found great success working with young people (12-16) having difficulties in class and with friends and people a little older (20-24) trying to find their way.

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